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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Olidia Viera Kerr Day who was born in Calixto Garcia, Havana Cuba on October 16, 1962 at 7:00 am and passed away on April 25, 2008 at 7:26 pm at the age of 45. Olidia is loved and survived by her three children whom she adored, and her Mother and five sisters.  We will remember her forever.



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Admire this brave mother !   / Deb Kreke
As I set here in Illinois -years later - a story comes on WE tv 20/20  It is the true story of the horrific murder of a brave mother.  I am so sad for your loss. I cried and cried when I heard the 911 call and how she talked to your mom/...  Continue >>
Gone Too Soon   / Marilyn Maldonado (Sympathetic Stranger )
As a mother I can imagine the grief and anguish you must have been feeling as you walked away from your children and into the arms of danger , yet still you made sure not to alarm them and kept them safe away from harm. I have nothing but admiration ...  Continue >>
brave woman   / Dennis Reilly
Wanted to extend my sympathy for your loss. I lived in Plantation and know their Police Departments laziness and incompetence firsthand. She deserved so much better from those who are paid to protect us. Not one of them comes close to the courage and...  Continue >>
Happy birthday mommie!   / Cindy Day (daughter)
Dear mom,   Lisa,  Ed and I miss you like a fat kid loves and misses chocolate cake. I wish I could see you right now and hang out with you go out to eat at pizza center like we used to do. I also would love to hang at the beach with you an...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday   / Edward Kerr (Son)
Your life began on this date 47 years ago it was then that your whole life was fated to you. Like all of us you did not know how it would play out but you knew it would be a struggle. However through every struggle you proved to have a resilient hear...  Continue >>
im outraged! saw 2020 story of this amazing lady  / Nicole White     Read >>
How I miss you so much...  / Gina Avila (Best Friend )    Read >>
Happy Birthday Sweet Angel.  / Ada Perez (Sister)    Read >>
I'm sorry.  / Andrew Fernandez (Old friend of her daughter )    Read >>
I miss you  / Ada (Sister)    Read >>
Never give up.  / Maggie (your Sister)     Read >>
A birthday celebration  / Maggie (your Sister)     Read >>
As the date of your birth approaches:  / Maggie (your Sister)     Read >>
Fruit of Her Labor  / Douglas Rivas (Aquaintance of Ed )    Read >>
The pain gets worst.  / Maggie (your Sister)     Read >>
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Her legacy
To love and be loved  

I think that my little sister's legacy was to love and be loved and this she worked at hard on a daily basis.  She wanted the family who is scattered thru the US to unite and to love.  And by god we did, sadly she did not get to see it but we are so tight now, all of us. because of you Olidia we have come together and we thank you and will always love you.  To us you are not gone we carry you in our hearts and think of you every moment of our day.

As a daughter Olidia was dedicated to her parents and was always vigil to their needs even as a very small child.  As an adult child she was always there to provide for their needs and to assist as best as she could.  Our father preceded her into death but our mother who is still alive is grieving terribly for the loss of this one great child.

As a sister Olidia was spoiled and bratty as a child but so were we the rest of the sisters.  As an adult sister Olidia was available when needed and was always kind and gentle in her own way, she always told you how she felt then she asked how you were and she was very compasionate.  Olidia had a great closet full of shoes and clothes with tags on and she was more than happy to share.  in this closet we found a pink cancer survivor hat that Olidia got for our older sister Taty. We even found a wrapped present in one drawer for our little sister Ada who had a B-day two days after Olidia was taken from us. Our sister Maria was hospitalized right before Olidia's death and had received a call from olidia to ask her to take care of herself without knowing that she was in the hopital. Olidia got to work with our sister punking and had a very close relationship with her since they were the "couple". We as children were coupled up with another child to buddy us and care for each other.  As for me, we were more like phone buddies she would call me and I would call her and we just shared our views on life and family.

As a single mother she provided for her children in material and spiritual needs.  Olidia was the kind of mother who wanted to be involved in her children's day to day activities. Olidia saw into the future as she had always done with her special gift of intuition and provided as best as she could.  She left a very strong man, her son Edward and two young and beautiful daughters Lisa and Cindy who are continuing with their studies because this is what Olidia would have wanted.  Olidia always stressed education as the key to a productive life. Olidia made her home a safe heaven for her children and up to the last minute of her life she struggled to save them from any harm and to draw evil away from this comforting home she made for her children.

As the days pass I miss her more and more and I know that her children are missing her the most.  I also know than no one will replace her and I pray to GOD to give this three children the strength they need to endure and continue with life as Olidia would have wanted and is still looking down from heaven watching her three angels as she called them.


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